UchKom.rf - is to support companies in the implementation of tasks using a wide range of services, based on actual practice, ie, the best and actually working in a number of companies making. We use only the successful experience and adapt it for a particular client specifics. UchKom.rf - is the rapid provision of high-quality and focused on the goals and objectives of the client consulting and educational services. UchKom.rf is the exclusive representative in Russia, Guidelines for Management of innovative projects and programs (Standard Japanese Association for Project Management PMAJ). UchKom.rf team has extensive experience in the implementation of innovative management technologies. We understand the peculiarities of doing business in Russia, the reasons for which many Western technologies are not working correctly in Russian companies, and we know most of the common mistakes that can be made to the development of the organization. Our main goal - to achieve maximum effectiveness of the introduction of effective practices to minimize the number of possible errors and teach the client make the best decisions for better management of the company.

We have provided services: