Quality control

1. Our team concentrates best translators 

We choose members of our team very thoroughly. At Transvertum, many translators have one more degree in addition to their language qualifications, plus 10+ years’ experience in their respective fields.

2. We apply advanced translation technologies

For each customer, we maintain corporate glossaries to include both conventional terminology and customer-specific terms and style. To ensure best outcomes, we agree all terminologies with the customer’s professionals. In addition to commercial electronic dictionaries, our own specialized glossaries, dictionaries and other materials, plus the Translation_Memory technology (TRADOS) help to maintain a consistent terminology for any-scale translation project.

3. High standards of servicing

We apply all efforts to solve your issues at an expert level. Our Project Managers are glad to answer your questions at any time. Several times a year, we conduct a poll among our customers to review quality of our services. 

Upon completion of the entire translation and checking cycle, we are glad to offer translations of a stable quality to our customers. Our Project Managers stay in touch with you throughout the process.
Throughout the process the company's managers are in constant communication with customers. 


We want you to be certain in our quality. For this, you may order a toll-free test translation, prior to entering into a customer agreement and without posing any obligations onto you. 

A material for test translation shall not exceed 1 page ( = 250 words).

You may send us a file for test translation and receive calculation benchmarks at office@transvertum.ru  or via a e-order at the website.  Our phones:  +7 (495) 212-10-75, +7 (495) 517-80-44.

We are always glad to hear from you!